Leather Bracelets
Leather Bracelets

Leather Bracelets

$ 40.00

Inspired by a simpler time when there was more emphasis on family, hard work, and the things that matter, our Leather Bracelets here at AG4MADE, will solve your wild chests and keep you a step ahead. The Bracelets are an incredible blend of ancient superiority and leading age style.

• Superior Heirloom quality that will always remain a good fit for any style, through generations.
• An elegant look of a rich color and a dashing design to give that superior leathery feel.  
• Made from the Finest Quality Full-Grain American Leathers, these leather goods are built to last.
• Smooth exterior and an edgy design just for your expeditious tastes.

There are two sizes to choose from

Regular :  1" width and 7.75" in length, snap to snap measurement.

Wide :  1.5" width  and 8.25" in length, snap to snap measurement.

Email Us :  ag4made@gmail for custom sizing options.